It’s just not fair that the Prock Chocolate Corporation targets our kids today with seductive advertising, low prices, and possibly spiked products—only to fatten them up, increases their risk for health problems, then pass those costs along to society while they keep obscene profits for themselves.

We’ve waited in vain for government intervention as junk-food marketers wage a full-frontal assault on our most precious resource, America’s kids. And since the government won’t act, we are.

For this reason, we’ve launched COCOH—the Center on Chocolate or Health.

Our mission:

Protect kids from a product that contributes significantly to our childhood obesity epidemic by holding the Prock Chocolate Corporation (aka Big Chocolate) accountable for their impact on children, youth, and society.

Our methods:

  • Public Education: We raise awareness about the public health implications of chocolate production, marketing and consumption. We reveal chocolate’s impact on people and the planet. We also seek to cast sunlight on the industry’s influence over the regulatory, legislative, and scientific process.
  • Advocacy: We spearhead efforts at the local, state and federal level to enforce responsible marketing strategies, limit the availability of chocolate in places where kids congregate (e.g., movie theatres, convenience stores, schools), and require chocolate-makers to fully and honestly disclose to parents and children product ingredients, including potentially habit-forming chemicals.
  • Research: A core priority for COCOH is the production of independent, peer-reviewed research on industry marketing practices, the relationship between product availability and obesity (e.g., retail outlet proximity, especially in urban communities), food safety standards, physiological impact of chocolate consumption, human rights and labor issues related to cocoa farming and production, target marketing practices among ethic and minority consumer audiences, and appropriate levels of product taxation to help mitigate healthcare costs associated with obesity.
  • Litigation: Our litigation team focuses on formulating and implementing legal strategies designed to force the industry to compensate individuals, families and government agencies that currently bear the social and healthcare costs generated by irresponsible marketing practices.

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