About Me

My name is Mona Sternstein-Fernandez, and I am the Executive Director of COCOH.

I am a fictitious Mommy Blogger From Hell, a public health scold, a chocolate industry watchdog, a conspiracy theorist, and a character in the novel Corporate America.

I  have for more than 20 years committed my career to social justice, the protection of children, and holding multinational corporations accountable for their impact on society.  I hold a B.S. is in nutrition, a master’s in microbiology, a master’s in public health, and am currently working towards a Ph.D. in anthropology.  I have worked in government, in the foundation and academic world, and as a non-profit executive.  My academic field work has taken me to Côte d’Ivoire and Indonesia, to the cocoa plantations of the Haut Sassandra region and Sumatera, respectively. I also lived for several years in Belgium.  My community organizing work includes working with clergy, public health advocates and students, in Northern California and Washington, to reduce the targeting of junk food to inner-city children and other disadvantaged populations.

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