The Sad Truth About Halloween

Well, we all know what today is.

Big Chocolate’s assault on our most precious resource (children) started early in our community, with a Halloween costume parade at my daughter Tempy’s school, followed by what can only be described as a “sugar orgy.”

Parents were invited (instructed is more like it) to bring Halloween candy to school for the post-parade party.







But we’re fighting back!

We brought healthful snacks to school and will also distribute them tonight, when the Trick-or-Treaters arrive.

Obviously, convincing kids to switch to healthy foods is never easy—especially since according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation report children and adolescents see up to 6,100 televised food advertisements a year—one third for candy and snacks.

For this reason, all of us at COCOH want to make a collective shout out to Martha Stewart, who has found a way to make fresh, delicious vegetables such as radishes appealing to kids.  Her secret?  Teach parents and other adult caregivers how to work with kids to carve fun images of mice into the radishes themselves.

Behold the “Radish Mouse”!





Over the past few days Tempy and I have carved more than 200 of these tasty little critters.

As we distributed these this morning at her school, we explained to teachers, students and parents that, according to the CDC, more than one child and adolescent in three is overweight or obese.

We also conducted a fun little quiz, asking students if they know how many calories are contained in various Prock Chocolate Corporation products such as a 2 oz. ”7th Heaven” bar (271), how many calories are contained in a 2 oz. ”Zolt” bar (280), and how many calories there are in an equivalent serving of radishes (9).

It’s a tragedy, of course, that few realized the enormity of the caloric spread.

But do you want to know what the real tragedy is, people?

Kids will eat healthful Halloween treats if given the opportunity.

Sadly, not enough of our kids are presented with fresh fruits and vegetables and other wholesome alternatives to chocolate bars.

And that’s just the way Big Chocolate likes it.